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400-002-0311 0311-88705580
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Shijiazhuang Idea electric co., LTD

Tel:400-002-0311 0311-88705580
Address:No.2 of FuKang Road,NanWei Village,Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City,Heibei Province,China.

Industry dynamic

New Height, New Future —Idea Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2019 Success

Time:2019-7-18 8:18:40   Source:   Author :   Click:4792time
  Plum rains continuous, the drizzle is like silk. The annual Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition is on schedule. Idea Electric Co., Ltd. takes “the new height, the new future “as its theme, bringing the company a new direction of development in this exhibition.

  Hebei Idea Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2018.

  Our company cooperated with Academician Chen Yunbo and his team to establish the academician workstation of electromagnetic intelligent equipment in Shijiazhuang, At the same time, we cooperated with Academician Chen Yunbo team to set up Shijiazhaung Radia Electric Co., Ltd. , to escort innovation research and development.of Idea technology.

  With the technical support of academician workstation, the key products is melting furnace mixing, electromagnetic pump and electromagnetic mixing casting, devote ourselves to research the electromagnetic intelligent equipment which have application in the aerospace new materials equipment, parts shaping, deepening processing and other technological links. Our company will develop into a key enterprise at provincial level.
  Enterprises should have ambition and pursuit. Our company upholds the spirtual ideas that ideals carry forward innovations and strengths build brands,and the craftsmen’s spirits provide souls to the products. We strive to create cost-effective products for the customers.We sincerely welcome friengs to visit our company to discuss business.