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400-002-0311 0311-88705580
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Shijiazhuang Idea electric co., LTD

Tel:400-002-0311 0311-88705580
Address:No.2 of FuKang Road,NanWei Village,Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City,Heibei Province,China.

News and Information

2018 Annual Meeting Of Idea Electric

Time:2018-2-6 11:34:53   Source:   Author :   Click:6054time
  Idea is thick and heavy in colours and all-out in 2017.We adhere to the philosophies that high quality,products,leading technologies and perfect services,continuous development of innovation, improvement of ourself, and achieved remarkable achievements in the industry.This is inseparable from the cooperation of the team, the help of the colleagues, and the silent support behind the staff's families.On the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, Shijiazhuang Idea Electric Co. Ltd. held 2018 annual meeting successfully at BoJueGong on February 3rd.

  The theme of this annual meeting is "a new starting point, a new journey, a new future".The annual meeting began at 11 noon, ended at 2 p.m. and lasted three hours,the number of participant is more than 150.
In the annual meeting, the staff's songs inspired everyone's spirits,poetry recital made us feel the beauty of poetry, the game brought up the spirit of teamwork, and the lottery draw brought the atmosphere to the climax of the annual meeting. Mr. Zhang Yanguo, general manager of the company, elaborated the company's establishment, status and future plan at the annual meeting, and presented awards to company's outstanding figures of the 10th anniversary, outstanding contributor and advanced individual.



  The Spring Festival is approaching.Idea wish a happy new year to the colleagues and customers in the industry.In the future,we will still strive to use technology and services to accompany you for the next ten years,or even twenty years..
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