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400-002-0311 0311-88705580
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Shijiazhuang Idea electric co., LTD

Tel:400-002-0311 0311-88705580
Address:No.2 of FuKang Road,NanWei Village,Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City,Heibei Province,China.

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Idea Shanghai exhibition review in 2017

Time:2017-7-28 11:00:16   Source:   Author :   Click:5607time

The International Aluminum Industry Exhibition of China (referred to as: Aluminum Industry Exhibition) as the premier annual event of the world aluminum industry exhibition has been held for 12 sessions, The 13th aluminum industry exhibition(July 19-21, 2017) was perfectly concluded at the W1-W3 Museum in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

  Shijiazhuang adea electric co., LTD., led by general manager Zhang Yanguo, showed the company advanced equipment and technology as well as the high-end products by text, picture, video, a variety of forms such as physical showcase, attracted many participants come to visit and negotiate. Idea display hall is unique and special,rich gifts and leisure food make people feel at home.In this exhibition,Idea had detailed negotiations with many terminal users and purchaser,and was invited by several large customers to join appointment.Zhnag Yanguo, general manage of the company,talked with industry peers,They praised our company's products. China Aluminum website Interviewed and reported live situationof our company for four consecutive years.







  2017 is the tenth year of the establishment of Idea Electric,Ten years of ups and downs, Idea takes the excellent quality,technology leadership,service-oriented as business fundamentals,create a set of "production,learning, research, sales, service" close system,development and innovation,self-improvement.In the future,we will still strive to use technology and services to accompany you for the next ten years,or even twenty years...

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